First Grade – Flag Football Unit

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(Use ROUND BALLS for all lessons unless otherwise noted)

Lesson 1

THROWING & CATCHING REVIEW (USE ROUND BALLS – not footballs): Part 1 – Warm up with a flag game called “Running Back Frenzy”. Part 2 –Throwing & Catching Review. Begin with a verbal review of the points of throwing and catching. Refer to the kindergarten lessons if you feel your class needs a review lesson for either skill. This should not be done with a partner. Part 3 – Throwing & Catching Stations: Set up at least six stations with various types of targets. Hoops, buckets, water bottles, Cereal Boxes, many things can be used and combined to make a cool target obstacle course. Have at least a couple stations that work with catching as well. You can use whiffle balls, yarn balls, or beanbags. With a total of twelve stations, you can allow them either one or two minutes at each station, depending how long your lessons are.

Lesson 2

THROWING AND CATCHING WITH A PARTNER (USE ROUND BALLS – not footballs): Part 1 – Warm up with the flag game “Running Back Frenzy.” Part 2 – Students get a partner and practice throwing and catching. Review the points of throwing and catching. Guided discovery question: “When you want the ball to go out to your partner, what direction does the weight of your body move as you throw the ball to your partner? (Toward your partner.) Part 3: a game that works on throwing/catching. Creative option: the students create a game with their partner that uses throwing and catching.

Lesson 3

DODGING REVIEW: Part 1 – Warm up with a circuit that mixes fitness stations and the ball handling cards. Choose cards that work with partners. Include the card that says, “Toss the ball so that you have to travel to catch it.” Part 2 – Dodging Review. Verbally review the skill of dodging. Play the game “Dodger” Part 3 – Play some Dodging games. Pound Puppies, Hounds and Rabbits and Goldilocks and the Three Bears.

Lesson 4

COOPERATION GAMES: Part 1 – Warm up with one of the games you played last lesson. Part 2/3 – Play some games that promote cooperation. Games can include; Frozen Bean Bag, Back to Back, Face to Face, etc.

Lesson 5

LEVELS AND RHYTHMS: Part 1 – Warm up with shipwreck. This is a fun, different way to practice levels. One of the part three’s in this lesson is a cooperation activity. This will reinforce the activity that you did last lesson with the students. One of the important aspects of this lesson is the opportunity for the students to be creative.

Lesson 6

REVIEW ROLLING (USE ROUND BALLS – not footballs): Part 1 – Cooperation game. You can use one that you did in Lesson 4. Part 2 – Review the points to rolling a ball. Discuss or guide the students through the steps of rolling a ball. Part 3 – Set up some really fun stations to roll the ball at, through, even onto or into!

Lesson 7

ROLLING GAMES (USE ROUND BALLS – not footballs): Part 1 – Bowling for Fitness. Part 2/3 Play a couple of the rolling games from the book.

Lesson 8

SPUD (USE ROUND BALLS – not footballs): Part 1 – Begin with a Fitness Circuit – 12 stations. Part 2/3 – This game was taught as a partner activity in Kindergarten, if you have not taught it, TEACH this students how to play with groups of two following the Kindergarten plan and then for part three, move onto to small groups. If they have already learned, play the game in groups of three or four. During the lesson, allow them to change groups at least once so that they get a variety of people to play with.