Pre-K Physical Education

These are the Rhythm and Moves physical education lessons for Preschool.  The concept or skill should remain the focus for the week.  If you see your children more than once per week there are additional lessons or “Part 3” activities that you can use to reinforce the concept.  Most of the concepts can be used across all three disciplines of movement; Educational Dance, Educational Games and Educational Gymnastics.

Week 01  Boundaries

Week 02  Boundaries

Week 03  Travel & Stop

Week 04  Travel & Stop 

Week 05  Near & Far

Week 06  Near/Far & Body Parts

Week 07  Own Space, Body Parts & Ball Handling

Week 08  Ball Handling – Floor (counting)

Week 09  Body Surfaces

Week 10  Balance on a Single Body Part

Week 11  Levels

Week 12  Levels & Balance

Week 13  Locomotor Moves & Shapes

Week 14  Directions – Forward

Week 15  Directions – Backward

Week 16  Directions – Sideways

Week 17 Ball Handling to the air & Balloons

Week 18 Ball Handling to the air & Catching

Week 19 Effort: Fast vs Slow

Week 20 Striking w/Hands

Week 21  Striking w/an implement

Week 22 Exploring Walking

Week 23 Exploring Walking and Running

Week 24  Jump & Hop

Week 25 Gallop, Slide & Skip

Week 26 Rocking (on 3 body surfaces)

Week 27  Rolling Sideways

Week 28  Rolling a ball to a target

Week 29  Throwing

Week 30  Throwing fun!

Week 32  Dribbling with Feet

Week 33  Kicking

Week 34  Parachute

Week 35  Parachute

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