First Grade – Volleyball




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Lesson 1

BALL HANDLING TO THE AIR REVIEW: Part 1 – Warm up with Bridge Tag. Part 2 – Review the concepts of throwing to the air, and catching. These skills should be alone in own space. Part 3: Throw to the air so that you have to travel to catch the ball.

Lesson 2

STRIKING A VOLLEYBALL TRAINER TO SELF: Part 1 – Set up three ball handling stations and three fitness stations. (2 Cardiovascular and 1 Strength). Part 2 – Practice striking a ball up to the air, while staying in own space. Practice using a variety of body parts. Part 3: Create a sequence that involves at least 3 different body parts.

Lesson 3

COMING AND GOING: Part 1 – Clean up your backyard. Use the volleyball trainers and strike the ball with hands or arms to the other side. Part 2/3 – Coming and going is a lesson on space awareness. You should be able to cover the whole lesson from the book in one class. Include traveling sideways during this lesson.

Lesson 4

STRIKING A BEACHBALL WHILE CHANGING LEVELS AND WHILE TRAVELING: Part 1 – Warm up with a fun warm up game that has lots of running! Part 2 – a. Practice striking the ball while traveling through space. Be sure to discuss safety, watching where you are going as well as watching the ball. The further away you hit the ball, the harder it will be to get it before it bounces. b. Practice changing levels while striking the ball. Part 3: Create a sequence that involves striking the ball in at least 2 levels, traveling for at least one hit and using at least two different body parts. The sequence should be at least 4 hits, and then can repeat.

Lesson 5

STRIKE A BALL (YARN OR FOAM BALL) WITH A VARIETY OF BODY PARTS: Part 1 – Clean up your back yard. (If you have indoor space, use balloons if not use yarn balls) Striking the ball, with the hand, over the fence into the other yard. Part 2 – Review the steps learned last lesson except you will use yarn balls. Introduce the concept of the knees and legs helping with the direction the ball will go. Still work individually, and in own space. Part 3 – Allow the students to experiment with striking and traveling as well as level changes. You can repeat the part three from the last lesson since the ball will be different

Lesson 6

RACKETS REVIEW HITTING A BALLOON, YARN BALL & WIFFLE BALL TO SELF & TO TARGETS: Part 1 – Warm up with a Fitness work out. Part 2 – Start with hitting the ball in own space to self. Review the steps of striking with a racket. Progress to a wiffle ball. Review the steps of striking to an object. Part 3: Set up stations and let the students practice hitting the ball to targets and to self.

Lesson 7

HIT A BALLOON OR WHIFFLE BALL TO A PARTNER: Part 1 – Play clean up your backyard using striking a yarn ball with rackets. (Be sure you have plenty of space if your going to use the rackets for this game!) Parts 2 – If you are inside start with a balloon otherwise use a yarn ball. Review the points of striking to a target. Part 3 – if your students are ready, switch to whiffle balls. You can encourage the students to use the strong hand and the weak hand to hold the racket. Switch hands while hitting back and forth. Use hand one time and racket one time. There are all sorts of variations the students can try.

Lesson 8

CREATE A GAME WITH HITTING THE BALLOON, YARN BALL OR WHIFFLE BALL BACK AND FORTH WITH A PARTNER: Part 1 – Warm up with a fitness activity. Part 2/3 – Let the students create a game with their partner. This game can include hitting back and forth. They can each have a balloon, or share one.