Week 2: Travel & Stop

During week two you will focus on traveling inside the boundaries to open spaces, looking where they are going and stopping on the signal.  It is important to establish safety as the number one thing about stopping on the signal.  The expectation is that the children stop instantly, or as realistically as physically possible, immediately after the signal.

I recommend that you use your whistle for STOP only.  Insure there is no confusion when it is time to stop or freeze.  The whistle is also loud and harsh, it is best used outside only when your voice cannot catch their attention.

Travel & Stop Lesson 

Travel & Stop Lesson b


Body Movement and Space

This video provides a number of Body and Space movement activities, as well as insights into those activities; all done through the perspective of movement and dance.  Ms. Parnell explains the concepts and their relation to dance, sport and life as well as providing examples of the creative or problem solving components and how you can incorporate them into tasks that explore body and space. Ms. Parnell takes the children through a warm ups for the body and the brain and then she discusses and demonstrates activities and concepts that give the children responsibility to create movement based on the concepts they are learning about.  In addition to the ideas for activities, Ms. Parnell provides ideas for assessment Although these may not all be appropriate for part three activities in week 2,  you may be able to incorporate many of the activities she presents and discusses throughout the year!


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