Week 28: Ball Handling – Kicking and Dribbling





Ball Handling – Kicking and Dribbling


Equipment Needed

Cones, Spots, Balls, Mats

Content Standard Benchmarks or Common Core Standards

Learning Goals, Objectives, Expected Outcomes


  1. Demonstrate a controlled dribble while dribbling the ball to home base.
  2. Kick the ball to open spaces that will give them the most time to run between the bases and score runs.


  1. Verbally describe the steps to dribbling with feet.
  2. Verbally discuss the steps to kicking a ball.


  1. Have Fun
  2. Work safely with other classmates.
  3. Play cooperatively with the other partners who are playing on the same field.




Entrance Routine
Welcome, get a spot and a ball that matches.  Put your spot in an own space and trap your soccer ball, with your foot, on the spot.
Part 1


10 Minutes


Spot Dribble

Begin the lesson with everyone trapping their soccer ball on a spot inside the boundaries.  Play any travel stop song.  When the music plays the students will dribble the ball.  When the music stops the students will trap the ball and bring it to rest on a spot.

Part 2

New skill or concept

10 Minutes max

This is a part three style lesson.  If you need to review either dribbling or kicking specifically, use this time to review the skill with your students.
Get a partner and put away one of the balls.  Explain how to set up the spots for bases.  There should be about 15-20 steps between the two spots.
Part 3


10 – 15 minutes

Kickball Soccer 1 vs.1

Two spots, to be used as bases. The ball begins on one spot, player 1 kicks it anywhere that is safe.  Player two must field the ball by trapping it and dribbling the ball with feet, to the home base.  Player 1 runs back and forth between the two spots as many times as they can before player two dribbles the ball back to the home base.  Each time player one touches a spot it is one point.  Switch each kick. The player who put their ball away gets to kick first!

Put your spots and ball away, each person pick up one mat for stretches.  Put your mat in an own space in the boundaries.
Part 4

5 Minutes

Stretching & closure

Taking it Home

Cool Down

Choose 3 stretches to do with the class.



Additional Part 1 Activities

Body Part Dribble/Trap

While dribbling the football with their feet, have the players stop the ball with various parts of the body (by calling out ‘foot’, ‘back’, ‘tummy’ etc.) while the ball is on the ground.

Additional Part 3 Activities

Keep your yard clean

  • Create a ‘neutral area’ between the two teams where no player is allowed. This area can be as small as one yard and as big as 10 yards wide. The width is determined by how far the players can kick the ball.
  • Each player starts with a ball at his or her feet.
  • On command, each team tries to keep their side of the game zone free of balls by kicking their ball over to the other team’s side.
  • After players have found some success with this basic game, add this variation:  set a couple cones out in the playing areas.  The players must dribble the ball around one of the cones that has been set up in the middle of their “yard” and then kick it back.
  • Add the rule that the players must dribble around each of the cones in their zone or yard before they can kick it back!