Week 6 Body Parts & Bean Bags (B)

Week 6 – Body Parts & Bean Bag PowerPoint




Body Parts & Bean Bags
Body Awareness
Equipment Needed
  • Cones
  • Spots
  • Music Player
  • Bean Bags
Content Standard Benchmarks or Common Core Standards
Learning Goals, Objectives, Expected Outcomes


  1. Move around the space without touching each other.
  2. Play safely
  3. Play within the boundaries.
  4. Place the bean bag on appropriate body parts when instructed to.
  5. Travel, while balancing the bean bag on various body parts.
  6. Stop and put the bean bag when given the signal.


  1. Choose at least three different body parts to balance the bean bag on.
  2. Verbally describe the body part they are balancing the bean bag on.


  1. Have Fun
  2. Play cooperatively with classmates while playing frozen bean bag.




Entrance Routine
This entrance routine is specific to your school community.
Part 1
Warm Up with Hap Palmer’s Bean Bag Song.  There is a chance to practice throwing and catching the bean bag (which we all love to do!) and there is opportunity to practice identifying body parts. Assessment

You can use the Bean Bag Song to pre-assess the children’s body awareness of their individual body parts.

Part 2
New skill or concept

Traveling with the bean bag balancing on various body parts

Transition from the song to part 2.  Instead of being in own space as they balance the bean bag on their body parts, they will travel around room space.

  • Show me how you can balance the bean bag on your shoulder and travel around our space.
  • Can you balance the bean bag on your knee?
  • How about your hand!?
  • Balance the bean bag on your back.
  • Now try to balance it on your shin! What’s a shin? I will show them what a shin is.
  • Balance the bean bag on your stomach.
  • What’s another body part we can balance the bean bag on? (Elbow, Bottom, Ear, Hip, Foot, Hand) Let’s try it.
  • Move around with them, watching to see what a good job they are doing, and praise them for it.
  • Stop. Great job stopping!! (Have the class call out the parts to balance the bean bag on at least 2-3 times).
Part 3


Problem Solving and Cooperative Skills

When I say go, I want you to choose a body part to balance the bean bag on. When I say freeze, stop, and think of another body part to balance the bean bag on before I say go again.

(Do this activity at least three or four times.)

Frozen Bean Bag

Begin with everyone having a bean bag on their head. The bean bag is the battery.

Without it the students have no power to move around. They may not touch their own battery. As they move around the space, they will try not to let the bean bag fall off their heads. If it does fall off, they must remain frozen in place until someone who has their battery intact, comes to save them. They must place the bean bag back on the frozen persons head. If the bean bag falls off the head of the helper, they are frozen too, and must wait for someone to help them before they can continue to help the person they were helping! The students may not cause other peoples bean bags to fall off on purpose, since that is defeating the whole idea of the game.

Hint: Suggest to the class that they will either all win or not win as a team. If at the end of the activity, everyone has their bean bag on their head, the whole class wins. So try to help people as quickly as possible.

As the game goes on, call out different parts to place the battery.

Teaching Tip

Call out the various body parts the children are balancing the bean bag on.

Call out the cool ways you see the children traveling as they are balancing the bean bag.

Part 4

Stretching & closure

Choose 3 stretches to do with the class.  Ask them to put away the bean bags and get a mat to stretch on.


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