Second Grade – Volleyball Unit


Lesson 1

STRIKE A VOLLEYBALL PLAY BALL TO SELF, REVIEW: Part 1 – Warm up with Bridge Tag. Part 2 – Practice hitting the ball up in the air to self. You can begin with using a variety of body parts, and then move on to using only hands and or arms. Part 3 – Changing levels to hit the ball using hands or arms. Travel while hitting the ball. Travel and change levels while hitting the ball.

Lesson 2

STRIKING THE VOLLEYBALL PLAYBALL TO A PARTNER USING HANDS OR ARMS REVIEW: Part 1 – Set up six fitness stations. (3 Cardiovascular and 3 Strength) include a stretch afterward. Part 2 – With a partner, go through the points of hitting the ball to a partner or target. Practice hitting the ball back and forth. Part 3: Hit the ball back and forth, using hands and arms, over a net.

Lesson 3

SETTING: Part 1 – Clean up your backyard. Part 2 – Teach the skill of setting. The students should be in own space, not working with a partner. Part 2 should include points of; Where to look when setting. What part of fingers should be used to set? What position the arms should be in when the students contact the ball for the set. Where fingers should contact the ball. How the legs can assist the set. Part 3: Practice setting the ball to self, traveling while setting and changing levels while setting.

Lesson 4

SETTING TO A PARTNER: Part 1 – Play a fun Warm up game. Part 2 – Setting to a partner. Start with a tossed ball. Have one partner toss the ball, and the partner receiving the ball should set it back to their partner. After each partner can set the ball back 5 times in a row, then move on to setting the ball back and forth. Part 3 – Set the ball back and forth over a net.

Lesson 5

STRIKING WITH A RACKET TO SELF IN OWN SPACE AND WHILE TRAVELING: Part 1 – Clean up your backyard using rackets. Part 2 – Using a yam ball, and later a whiffle ball, review the concepts of striking the ball to self in own space. Part 3, have the students travel around the room space as they hit the whiffle ball. Be sure to discuss moving safely while hitting the ball. Have some fun; can you change levels to hit the ball while you are traveling in a low or medium level? Can you travel backwards while you hit the ball?

Lesson 6

HIT A TOSSED BALL: Part 1 – Fitness circuit warm up. Part 2 – In partners, using the whiffle ball. Have one partner toss the ball underhand so that it bounces, and the partner with the racket can hit it back to the partner who is tossing the ball. At this point only have one racket and one ball per set of partners. Review some of the points from setting to a partner. They are very similar. Part 3: Play one base with a partner. One partner pitches the ball, the other partner hits it with the racket, runs to the base and back before the pitcher gets the ball back to home base. This should encourage them to try to direct the ball.

Lesson 7

GAMES THAT INCLUDE STRIKING: Part 1 – Do a fitness circuit. Part 3 – As you look for games consider the following: 1. They should not be more than 2 versus 2 games. 2. They should NOT be games where the students hit the ball back and forth. 3. They can include running. 4. They can include knocking over other players’ targets. 5. The game can include cooperation with a partner instead of competition. 6. You can make up games that fit these criteria. 7. You can modify existing games to fit these criteria.

Lesson 8

STRIKING TO A PARTNER: Part 1 – Play a fun running warm up game. Part 2 – With a partner and a racket begin hitting back and forth. Be sure to review the points of hitting to a partner. Part 3 – Hit the whiffle ball back and forth over a net!