Week 14: Ball Handling – Dribbling w/Feet & Avoiding an Opponent

This week the students will combine the concepts of direction and the skill of dribbling and trapping; or Avoiding the opponent while dribbling.

During your Part 1: Warm up with the class dribbling using the three directions. This could be as simple as you announcing the direction they will use to dribble the ball, and then freezing them and giving them a different direction to use while dribbling.

During Part 2: Discuss the idea that there is only one ball in a game, and the other teammates will all be trying to get the ball. One of the ways to keep them from getting the ball is to dribble away from them by changing directions. By placing your field markers randomly around your working space you can set up a field of obstacles that the class will be able to dribble around trying to avoid using change of directions. (One way of setting up your field markers efficiently will be to have your students take their ball, get a field marker and find an own space to place their field marker.

Within Part 3:  allow the students to practice avoiding the opponent as well as be creative. For example: When you begin dribbling use a forward direction. When you get to a marker, choose a different direction to move to another marker. Keep going to new markers, trying a different direction to use while traveling to the markers. See if you can get to all the markers before I say freeze.

Week 14 Ball Handling Dribbling w/Feet & Avoiding an Opponent Lesson