Week 16 Ball Handling: Underhand Throw

Week 16 – Ball Handling – Throwing Underhand – PowerPoint





Ball Handling: Throwing Underhand


Equipment Needed

Hoops, Beanbags, throwing station cards, chalk, Bowling pins, buckets, jars, spots, control cones.

Content Standard Benchmarks or Common Core Standards

Learning Goals, Objectives, Expected Outcomes


  1. Use an underhand motion to throw the beanbag.
  2. Step using the opposite foot.
  3. Pick a distance to throw from that is challenging, but allows successful throws


  1. Describe the steps involved with throwing underhand.


  1. Have Fun
  2. Play safe and cooperatively with classmates




Entrance Routine
Welcome! pick a ball and take it to an own space on the same side of the cones as your ball.
Part 1


Clean Up Your Backyard w/Rolling

10 Minutes

Clean Up Your Backyard

Divide the children in half. Spread the balls along the two back lines (inside hoops!)  One half should be on one side of the playing area and the other half on the other side of the playing field. When the children get their ball, they will find an own space on the same side of the space.

You will need at least one playground ball for each child playing the game. The playground balls are garbage. The garbage will be littering up the teams yards. The object is for each team to clean up their back yard by emptying the garbage into the other team’s yard (rolling their ball using an underhand motion). The game is over when one of the teams has completely cleaned their yard, or the teacher says so!

Remind the students to watch out for each other so that they don’t hit each other while they are retrieving the beanbags. Remind them that they should roll the garbage wherever the there is a blank spot in the other back yard. roll the garbage away from the other team members  and avoid the cones!

Set up for Clean Up

clean up your backyard set up 2



Differentiation Tips:

Change the game by asking the children to:

  • Roll the ball backwards
  • Roll the ball sideways
  • Roll the ball through your legs.
  • Travel in different levels to get to the ball.
  • Roll the ball with one hand.
  • Travel in different directions to get to the ball.
Assessment Tips

As the children are playing, watch to see that they are stepping with opposite foot when they roll the ball during the beginning of the game.

Watch to see that they are traveling in the correct level or direction after you start changing the game.

Put the ball into the hoop that matches it and get a bean bag and hoop that match.
Part 2

New skill or concept

Throwing Underhand

10 – 15 minutes

Underhand Throwing [AT]

Make sure you have a safe own space.  Take a few steps away from your hoop and throw your beanbag  by swinging your under your shoulder, so that it lands inside your hoop

Give the students an example of the arm motion, or have it playing up on the powerpoint.

Each of the following questions should be asked one at a time. Allow the student to work on the question before answering. You do not want to encourage your students to guess at the answer, you want them to discover the correct answer through trying the skill and thinking about what they are doing while they are actually performing the skill. After a few minutes of working on the question, (during which time you should be walking around and talking to individuals about the question they are working on.) stop the class and ask some students what they found out. If your class has the correct answer, then you can move onto the next question. If not, then you need to figure out another way to ask the question to make your answer more obvious.

  • Where do your eyes look when you throw the beanbag at your target? (The target)
  • What does your arm swing toward when you throw the beanbag at your target? (The target)

*At this point it is important to make sure the students know what the difference between weak and strong side of the body is. Strong side is the preference side

i.e. right handed or left-handed. Weak side is the side that’s not so coordinated! This is also when you can discuss opposition, and why it is better to step with the weak foot.

  • Which direction should the weak footstep when you are throwing the beanbag at your target? (Toward the target)
  • You can also ask if anyone knows the name for this type of throwing. (If a student comes up with it sooner it is ok to let them know this is underhand throwing.
Once everyone is in an own space practicing throwing to their hoop, you can freeze the class and ask the first question.
You may need the students to help you by bringing their hoops to the stations you need them at.
Part 3


Throwing Underhand and Rolling a ball

15 – 20 minutes

6 stations where the students can practice throwing underhand.

Have a hoop with the correct type of object to throw inside the hoop at each station. Remind the students to leave the object in the hoop at the station when they rotate to the next station.

Practice throwing with:

Yarn balls, whiffle balls, Bean bags, and for rolling use the playground balls.

Possible Stations:

  • 3 sets Hoop on a dome or standing on a cone: Throw a yarn ball through the hoop.
  • 3 hoops on the ground: Throw a bean bag to land in.  Add points to each hoop for more fun!
  • 6 Shapes drawn on or taped to a wall: Throw a yarn ball to hit the target. Add points for fun.
  • 3 Buckets: Throw a yarn ball to land inside the bucket.  Add points to each bucket for more fun!
  • 6 Mats separate on the ground: Throw a bean bag to land on the specific mat.
  • 6 Targets/Pins: Bowling
  • 6 Hoops on the ground: Roll the ball into the hoop.  Add points to each hoop for more fun!
  • 6 Targets on a bench or chairs: Throw bean bag at the target. Add points to each target for more fun!
  • 10 spots set up in a triangle (like bowling pin set up): throw the bean bag to land on specific spots.  Add numbers 1 through 10 to make a fun math game.
  • 10 buckets set up in a triangle (like bowling pin set up): throw the yarn ball to land in specific Buckets.  Add numbers 1 through 10 to make a fun math game.
  • 6 each – two mats linked and set up like a tent: Roll the ball through the tent to the other side!
  • Partner roll and catch moving safely side to side (station in the Middle of the gym/yard)
  • 6 each Hoop laying on two domes or two cones: throw the yarn ball underhand so that it arches up and falls down through the hoop.
While the students are finishing the part two questions you can set up any of the stations that you didn’t preset.
Transition Put away the equipment and get a mat to put in an own space for cool down.
Part 4

Stretching & closure

Taking it Home

5 Minutes

Cool Down

Choose 3 stretches to do with the class.


Discuss the main points of throwing underhand.

Taking it home

Before you come to physical education next, find someone to practice underhand throwing with.


Great job today everyone!