Week 29: Ball Handling – Throwing to the Wall w/Hands





Ball Handling – to the Wall (Hands)


Equipment Needed

Playground Balls, Wall Space or fence space, Hoops & Clips, Chalk to mark targets, Tape to create targets

Content Standard Benchmarks or Common Core Standards

Learning Goals, Objectives, Expected Outcomes


  1. Demonstrate opposition by stepping forward with the weak foot as they throw the ball to the wall.


  1. Verbally answer the four questions that will lead them to being able to throw the ball to the wall.


  1. Play Safe. Being aware of where the other students are as they are playing and moving for their ball.
  2. Have Fun.




Entrance Routine
Welcome; get a ball and go to an own space on the side that matches your ball color.
Part 1


10 Minutes


Play “Keep your yard clean” with Feet

Create a ‘neutral area’ between the two teams where no player is allowed. This area can be as small as one yard and as big as 10 yards wide. The width is determined by how far the players can kick the ball.

Each player starts with a ball at his or her feet.

On command, each team tries to keep their side of the game zone free of balls by kicking their ball over to the other team’s side.

After players have found some success with this basic game, add this variation:  set a couple cones out in the playing areas.  The players must dribble the ball around one of the cones that has been set up in the middle of their “yard” and then kick it back.

Add the rule that the players must dribble around each of the cones in their zone or yard before they can kick it back!

Now you’re going to use your hands.  Find a target along the wall and stand a few steps away.  Use your hands to throw the ball and hit the target.  When the ball bounces back from the wall, catch it.  If its easy to hit your target, take another step away from the target to challenge yourself.
Part 2

New skill or concept

15 minutes


Q1 Where do your eyes look when you throw the ball at the target? (At the target)

ALTERNATE When you throw the ball at the target look at the ground once, then look at the target and then take a turn looking at the sky. Decide which one works best for hitting the target.

Q2 What do your arm(s) swing toward as you throw the ball to the target? (The target)

ALTERNATE When you throw the ball to the wall, swing your arm up to the sky, and then swing your arm toward the target on the wall.

(Describe the difference between the strong side of the body and the weak side of the body)

Q3 What direction can the weak leg step to help your throw toward the target? (Step toward the target)

ALTERNATE Do a couple throws with your weak foot stepping backwards away from the target, then do a couple throws with your weak foot stepping toward the target.

Q4 As you release the ball, what should your palm(s) be facing? (The target)

ALTERNATE When you throw the ball to the wall finish with your palms facing backwards, then throw the ball and finish with your palm(s) facing the target. Which one worked best?

Teaching Tips
  • Be sure the students have enough space in between them as they work. If you can tape or draw targets on the wall that would be the best.
  • As the students are working on the questions walk around to them individually and talk about the questions.
  • Let the students show off some of their tricks.
  • Take time to make sure each child knows which side is strong and which side is weak, the concept of opposition is a difficult one for five and six year olds!
Talk about the similarity between kicking the ball to a target and throwing a ball to a target.
Part 3


10 – 15 Minutes

When you throw the ball this time;

  • throw the ball with two hands under- hand
  • throw the ball with two hands over- head
  • throw the ball with two hands out from your chest
  • throw the ball to the target with one hand
  • What’s another way you could throw the ball with one hand?
  • Before you catch the ball, can you do a trick? (Let them try this a few times)
Put your ball away and get a mat that matches the ball’s color.  Find an own space to put your mat in to do stretches.
Part 4

Stretching & closure

Taking it Home

5 Minutes

Cool Down

Choose 3 stretches to do with the class.


How is kicking to a target like throwing to a target?

(You look at your target, step toward your target and swing your arm or leg toward the target.)

How is it different?

You don’t look at the ball, you look at the target