Week 5: Locomotor Traveling on Feet

After these lessons, your students should know the basic 8 ways to travel on their feet.

These are; Walk, Run, Jump (2 feet take off, two feet landing), Hop (1 foot take off, same one foot landing), Gallop, Slide (galloping sideways), Skip and Leap (1 foot take off, landing on the opposite foot). If you don’t finish all the locomotor moves in the first lesson, save four of them for the next lesson.

Let your children travel to the Listen & Go song and Play “Red light – Green light” for the part three to reinforce both the cardiovascular information and the locomotor skills taught so far.

Use the additional part 3 activities for the second lesson. You can review with Listen & Move to warm up; practice identifying the different locomotor skills by playing “Locomotor Hunt”,  and then use a creative part three to review all the locomotor skills and previously taught movement concepts.

Locomotor Traveling Lesson 5